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Online 360 Feedback System

Our 360˚ Survey is an internet based, confidential system that allows you to easily implement a tailored feedback process that provides both qualitative and quantitative data to improve the effectiveness of your managers.

The online system allows for a true 360 review which includes self, managers, peers, direct reports and external parties such as suppliers or clients.

The key features and benefits of our system are:

  • It’s fully customisable in terms of survey criteria which means it can align directly to your culture, competency frameworks and career path
  • Its part of a global system, which means you can benchmark your managers against best practice and different business sectors
  • It provides comparison reports which mean that you can monitor the improvement of individuals over time, offering a measurement of the development you’ve implemented between surveys
  • It can create a team report which displays the strengths and weaknesses within a group, this is great for team development
  • It’s a really easy to complete, online survey format which automatically prompts raters for free text qualitative comments on low ratings, which means you get proper feedback to support high and low ratings
  • Survey set up and reminders administered from our end so that you don’t spend time managing and collating the survey results

On top of this Wentworth can add value throughout the process depending on the level of your internal resources and experience running 360 surveys:

  • We can conduct briefing sessions for both the managers going through the process and the people being asked to rate them. That ensures everyone understands the confidential nature of the system and how to give constructive feedback and receive it
  • We collate the survey information into easy to read, colour coded reports
  • We can talk the reports through with your internal team so that they can debrief the recipients or our skilled coaches can have those conversations with your staff. Often feedback is received more favorably from an external party.


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