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Sales and New Business Development

Everyone is a sales person, whether you are selling a product, services or ideas, you need to influence and persuade on a regular basis. Your business performance and personal success often depends on this crucial skill.

The idea of selling can be quite daunting for most people who often feel uncomfortable or shy about it. Contrary to popular belief that some people are born sales gurus, it is actually an adaptive behavioral skill that anyone can learn.

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Our sales and new business development program will:

  • Increase your confidence and ability to sell and close deals with influence and persuasion
  • Show you how to position proposals and solutions around value and benefits making your sales more attractive
  • Show you ways to embed high performance sales and new business behaviours in your organisation
  • Give you the confidence to ask insightful and diagnostic questions to understand the real needs behind a problem or issue
  • Improve your ability to read the sales signals and advance to close a sale

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