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Adaptive Leadership

Developing Adaptive Leadership capability is central to our work. Strong leadership leads to great cultures, where people enjoy their work.

Adaptive Leadership sets the direction for the business, drives change, makes your values come alive and inspires others to do their best.

Adaptive Leadership is a process to develop the ability of leaders in your organisation to mobilise people to tackle challenges that cannot be fixed through a “technical solution”. A technical solution being a “do this – get that result” initiative.

Adaptive Leadership was developed by Ron Heifitz and Marty Linsky at the Harvard Kennedy School in the USA. It acknowledges that senior authority figures cannot always “fix” problems. It needs everyone in the organisation facing that problem to help out. It was applied to society, just as much as organisations, that government alone could not fix society’s problems.


Our leadership programs are grounded in the Adaptive Leadership framework and thinking, developed at the Harvard Kennedy School. It caters to 3 layers of leaders:

  • Established leaders – those running businesses or functions. People who have to lead change, are accountable for overall results and set the direction for your organization
  • Emerging leaders – high performing managers and leaders of departments and teams. This is a succession program to bridge the gap between them and the established leaders
  • Future leaders – your high potential talent. These people already exercise influence beyond their immediate role and will shape the organisation in the future.

Each program is tailored to your organisation or business, the existing competency frameworks, the values and challenges you face. Programs could include 360 feedback, workshops, individual coaching, action-based learning and external collaboration.

The Adaptive Leadership program itself is a learning environment. Everything is designed to allow participants to learn rather than be “taught”. This is because leadership is notoriously hard to teach. Having any ‘expert’ talk through leadership theories, leadership competencies and attributes and engage a group in dialogue may provide some great intellectual frameworks, but it in no way replicates real life and business as usual. Leadership in real life is messier and harder to execute.

Download the Adaptive Leadership Brochure to get more detail on the approach and why it’s so different from your existing leadership development.

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