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Do the learners in your organisation need an different approach?

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Research by Deloittes has shown a clear picture of the modern learner.

They are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Traditional stand alone classroom training is failing both you and the learners. It can be costly, have only short lived impact, it is event based and therefore inflexible and often “owned” by in house L&D people or external trainers. In addition the measurement of behaviour change and ROI through actual data is woeful.

Traditional eLearning is also failing. It’s seen as boring, rigid and not collaborative. What we all need is a learning approach that fits with current and future reality and that works for learners, leaders and your organisation.

The Solution: Leader Led Learning

The solution is built around your own managers and leaders running conversations with their teams and each other, using pre written content from Wentworth and supported by a mobile technology platform that measures behaviour and results. The topics and content are selected by you to work on skills and challenges that are important for your business.



If you are interested in finding out how Leader Led Learning can create high performance cultures in your workplace, contact Wentworth People here or call 1800 807288

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