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Leader Led Learning

Leader Led Learning is a great alternative to traditional training models.

Whilst we are a firm believer in the power and effectiveness of formal training, it cannot and should not stand alone.

Organisations in today’s environment need to build learning and teaching cultures. That is the beauty of the Leader Led Learning model. It creates a learning culture by making it part of business as usual: a weekly ritual where people come together to tackle the issues that matter to your business.

What is Leader Led Learning?

It is where your line managers run regular sessions with their teams or each other, using content written by Wentworth. The actual Leader Led Learning content is selected by you to allow the groups to work on business improvement challenges or follow up on formal training sessions to keep momentum going and ensure the learning sticks.

4 Reasons Why Leader Led Learning Works so Well?

  1. Training Ownership. Managers own and drive sessions. They are more invested in the process, they deepen their own knowledge and make it truly practical
  2. Program Flexibility. You get learning happening throughout the year, not just when you have formal training organized
  3. Sustainable Programs. The investment required to run this approach is well within every budget. You can do the learning properly and sustain it throughout the year
  4. Training That Shifts Your Culture. The whole approach creates a platform for change, collaboration and innovation. It becomes part of normal business routine. It’s more relevant, more practical and therefore embraced by participants.

When and Where Would we Use Leader Led Learning?

If you want to get multiple areas of your business working on a business improvement or change initiative. This approach enables you to implement your business strategy, whether that is a service excellence strategy, driving collaboration, fostering teamwork or innovation. Leader Led Learning creates the space for people across the business to talk about the same issue and generate ideas and actions.

To reinforce skills as a follow up to training. The Leader Led approach gets managers and staff capturing learning from what they have been doing, sharing best practice and helping each other out.

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