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Are you engaged at work or enjoying your work?

The idea that performance drives engagement, rather than the other way round, is perhaps indicative of an industry and a mindset that is missing the point.

The term “engagement” seems like a business / HR construct to describe something quite difficult to pin down. What we actually say when we meet friends at parties, a BBQ or chatting at the bar usually goes something like this:

“How are things going at work?”

“I’m really enjoying it” or “Terrible”, or something mediocre.

You just don’t hear people say things like

“I’m really engaged”

And enjoyment is never simply about having a great time, partying or even working with people you like/love. One client I met with this week said he was annoyed if someone said at their leaving do “I love you guys and am going to miss you.” Yeah, as they headed for the door.

Truth is we need more than people we love at work. We need to be doing great work; our best work. Wouldn’t that be great if people said of your place “That’s where I did my best work.” Now that really would be an enjoyable workplace.

Can you say that of your place right now?

Richard Wentworth Ping
CEO Wentworth People

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