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Creating Resilience

Connected + Secure + Valued = Resilient

What has this equation got to do with you?

Take a look in your wallet, purse or bag and you will see that the equation has a lot to do with you.  What can you find in there to symbolise that you are connected, secure or valued?

Maybe it is your driver’s licence that is a symbol of your ability to be connected to people who are important to you.  Perhaps you have a photo of those who value you.  You may have even found an old pay slip that is a symbol of the financial security your job gives you.

Being connected, secure and valued are the cornerstones to building and strengthening resilience.  As leaders it is vital that we are resilient to cope with the demands made on us, but what about the resilience of the people we lead?  Why should we be concerned about their resilience anyway?  The very good reason is that resilient employees with high resilience are likely to be more productive and perform at a higher level than those who are less resilient .  What employer isn’t aiming to build higher performance and increased productivity in some form or another?

So how do we build and strengthen the resilience of our employees?

Creating Resilient Employees – Ideas to Try


  • Provide opportunities for employees to connect positively with one another.  Gallup research has shown that there are significant advantages in employees having best friends at work.
  • Enable employees to be connected to their families.  For instance, is it possible to have flexible hours or child care facilities?
  • Ensure employees know where they fit into the ‘big picture’ of the organisation and how they contribute to it achieving its goals.


  • Have clear and consistent guidelines in the workplace that everyone is aware of.
  • Provide reassurance for employees working at night or after hours by having a security person available to walk them to their car or wait with them until transport arrives.


  • Encourage continued learning and growth.  For instance reimbursing work related tuition fees.
  • Provide comfortable work places by ensuring ergonomically correct furniture and equipment

Better still, ask your employees how the organisation does and could make them feel connected, secure and valued, ensuring that feasible suggestions are implemented. Now that would really be showing your employees that they are valued.

It is up to us as leaders to ensure that we are developing resilient employees.  It is also up to us to ensure that we are strengthening our own resilience.  Dip into your wallet, purse or bag again – you may be surprised to see what else you have in there that shows you are connected, secure and valued!

Author: Doris Lancaster
Connected + Secure + Valued = Resilient