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Culture and Change

Your organisation is almost certainly facing some level of culture change or transformation.

The need for change is constant, yet much of the research indicates that up to 70% of culture change initiatives fail to meet their goals.

A focus on the human side of Culture change

At Wentworth we focus only on the human aspects of culture change. It is not that the systemic and technical elements are not important; it’s simply that we believe the human side of change is often planned and implemented poorly and that’s the main cause of failure.

Culture Change Is Everyone’s responsibility

Our approach to organisational culture change is strongly aligned to the Adaptive leadership model, where everyone in the “system” has to be engaged with the transformation. The work cannot simply be left to senior authority figures. They are important but their role should be about mobilising everyone to achieve change. We therefore believe change is not something that is “rolled out”, it is not a program rather, something that is created by many people.

Change is Mostly about Culture

Most of our work in the change space is related to some aspect of culture:

  • How can we be more agile?
  • How can we be more innovative?
  • How can we create a high performance mentality?
  • How can we be more collaborative?
  • How can we embed our values?
  • How can we drive service excellence?

All of these requires an approach that invites everyone to take part. They are rarely solved by a ‘technical solution’ like running a series of training workshops on say innovation or collaboration. They require activism, leadership from people who care and ongoing conversations between people. The role of the executive team moves from change agent to change enabler.

Wentworth People’s Culture Change Experience

Wentworth People has previously helped clients design and implement culture change programmes across APAC for many years. Change could be driven by restructure, new IT systems or simply a desire to be better and improve staff engagement.

Our work around culture change involves consultancy, leadership work, coaching and invariably some element of leader led learning (see the separate section in the web site on this approach).

Click on the link to download our information PDF on Culture Change:

Culture Change Management

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