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How we can do a better job of creating learning cultures?

The very word ‘training’ has always suggested something that is done to you. However, Richard Wentworth Ping, CEO and owner of Wentworth People, firmly believes that creating a learning culture is becoming easier, what with the advent of technology, socialised learning, and more.   As [...]

New Managers – Top tips for Success

New - and not so new - Managers: 12 top tips for Success I got asked today what advice I’d give a newly promoted manager, just stepping into their first proper management role, with a team of 5 people reporting into them. It took me back to my first management role, looking after 6 people, 2 [...]

Creating High Performing Virtual Teams

Without a doubt globalisation has impacted the physical makeup of companies. A manager may become a platinum frequent flyer within a few weeks of joining a company and take up residency in the business class lounge. For those who think this exciting I can assure you it loses its gloss pretty [...]

Building Rapport

Read a few Chapters before Judging a Book by Its Cover Lord Alan Sugar is now into his 9th series of the Apprentice in the UK. Showing a very different style of Donald Trump from the US show, he’s a gruff, no nonsense Essex boy made good. You’d expect him to be someone who makes his mind [...]

Building high performance teams: what reality TV tells us about teamwork

One of the reasons reality TV is so popular is that many of the shows replicate what life is like in business, especially the need to work in teams. Reality TV is everywhere we watch, and it always follows a similiar formula. Competitors are given specific tasks to complete that cannot be done by [...]