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7 Signs You Need to Give More Tough Love

Probably more than anything over the last few weeks, this issue of how to show "tough love" has been ever present. More and more managers are struggling with poor performance but shying away from tough conversations. The reasons are many: upsetting someone, who if they left would set you back; [...]

3 Things Leaders Need to Do Really Well

Is one of these letting you down and holding back your business? Research from a joint exercise by ghSmart and Wharton in the USA into leadership arrived at the conclusion—after interviewing and crunching data from 15,000 C Suite interviews—that leaders really need to get 3 key things [...]

Accelerated Learning

Almost 20 years ago I studied with the then world leader of Accelerated Learning Mr Eric Jensen.  As a conventional L & D consultant, I was fascinated by the revolutionary thinking he brought to the table.   How structure and ritual, coupled with multiple intelligences could dramatically [...]

Seven Ways to Nurture A High Performance Team

High performance, creative and dynamic teams have a couple of crucial qualities in common. They know how to collaborate using their thinking, feeling and doing brains. They pre-empt and deal with blind spots as they arise and they openly facilitate dialogue and friction.  Here's a couple of ways [...]

Change is hard

I was recently privileged to attend a workshop being run by professor Bob kegan of Harvard Business School. His body of work is all around our inability, or in his words “immunity” to change. His session started with the startling fact that of patients who have been diagnosed at serious risk [...]

Performance Management Cricket Australia Style

Very topical this week (March 2013) but a great little case study in management that transcends the moment. The Australian cricket team coach suspends 4 players in the middle of a tour of India, one in which Australia are taking a beating. The reason? Initially it appeared for not doing their [...]

Beyond an employer / employee transaction – how to attract and retain brilliant talent

It takes much more than an attractive salary to attract and retain the talent you need to drive your enterprise to ongoing prosperity, writes Richard Wentworth of Wentworth Training. In many industry sectors, especially the professional, white collar market, Australia has been at near full [...]