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Don’t Spell it Out

Why NOT providing the answers can pay great dividends . . . Films are classic storytelling and it's well know that the 7 basic plot lines (hero’s journey; fall and redemption; slaying the monster) are played out time and time again. However not all films fall into those neat compartments. Some [...]

How to walk the TED talk…

After sitting through thousands of presentations in all sorts of businesses, I've realised that good presentations are the result of a few key ingredients. The convenors of TED knew all about these essentials when they came up with their guidelines. TED speakers are asked to do six things in [...]

Learning your lines

Many years ago I met a potential facilitator in Melbourne, who was an experienced trainer and presenter. Turned out his main gig was acting, but like many actors the periods between acting work were long and many. So he put his talents into good use training people in communication and presentation [...]