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Teach what you need to learn

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing On a workshop this week we were talking about how trust is built in relationships and the Johari Window Model seemed a good model to share. “Oh we’ve seen that before. We know it”. However, when offered the marker pen to come up and explain the [...]

The Simple Act of Kindness

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." Anon This kindness quote resonates with me. A close family member recently lost her son, aged 25. She and her family are devastated. This is a private loss. The family of cricketer Phil Hughes suffered the same [...]

Time management

Why doing less is more We all have too much to do in this busy world, yet the real key to being effective is taking time to stop, reflect and think. There’s a challenge for all of us… we need to do less, to do more. This isn’t new. Famously, Google ask their employees to take 20% of their [...]

New Managers – Top tips for Success

New - and not so new - Managers: 12 top tips for Success I got asked today what advice I’d give a newly promoted manager, just stepping into their first proper management role, with a team of 5 people reporting into them. It took me back to my first management role, looking after 6 people, 2 [...]

Creating Resilience

Connected + Secure + Valued = Resilient What has this equation got to do with you? Take a look in your wallet, purse or bag and you will see that the equation has a lot to do with you.  What can you find in there to symbolise that you are connected, secure or valued? Maybe it is your [...]

Jumping To Conclusions – When Unconscious Biases Get In The Way

Last week I was reading an old article that I found on the Harvard Business Review’s website called “How (Un)ethical Are You” by Dr Banaji and her peers. The article suggests that all of us are innately governed by our biases and our skewed perceptions of the world, and even if we strive [...]

Mindfulness: Nothing to do with a mind that’s full

This guest blog post is from Sarah Salkild, Co-Program Director, Women In Leadership Mentoring Program at STW Group and Director of People & Culture at The White Agency. We're sure you'll enjoy her insightful blog: Everyone’s talking about mindfulness. Well, the “everyone” that [...]

Daily behaviours habit or choice

Broad theme Working smarter not harder Our daily behaviour; habit or a choice Work smarter not harder. It sounds great in theory, but putting it into practice is actually quite a challenge. The key to success lies in understanding whether the challenge is a technical or an adaptive [...]

Simple Ways to Improve Your Selling Skills

Sales skills aren't just the domain of the sales team in your organisation. Sales skills can explain the logic or benefits of your perspective to another colleague, customer or employer. It's just another aspect of communication. Yes – sales skills can win new business, but these skills are [...]

Are you wise?

Wise men say ... Often we are more than able to impart wisdom to others yet, when we realise the importance of our sage advice for the benefit of others, on reflection it comes to pass that we're not so crash hot on the topic / insight / observation ourselves! And this is worth thinking [...]