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What makes a negotiation work?

In B2B situations, many people make the mistake in thinking that negotiation is a formal event, such as a meeting at a conference table. It is not simply that. We are negotiating all the time and it is the sequence of conversations over time that create the outcomes we want, with the our managers, [...]

Negotiating: Top Tips

Prepare at least 3 different positions. Your ideal outcome, your acceptable and your bottom line. Always prepare for a negotiation. If someone calls and wants to negotiate there and then, get some information and ask to call them back in 20 minutes. Figure out the key power variables and try [...]

Negotiating a Win/Win

Most people fail to properly prepare for a negotiation and whilst they may get away with it on occasion, they can often come short on the deal. Recently I was negotiating with a good client of our company. We had both given ground, but we had reached a point where what he was asking for I [...]

The Silent art of negotiation

As someone who teaches others to negotiate, the spotlight is always on when I’m asked to help someone with a negotiation as they always have ridiculously high expectations that some how I’ll be able to pull off some amazing deal. I had such an occasion recently when I was asked by my partner [...]