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How we can do a better job of creating learning cultures?

The very word ‘training’ has always suggested something that is done to you. However, Richard Wentworth Ping, CEO and owner of Wentworth People, firmly believes that creating a learning culture is becoming easier, what with the advent of technology, socialised learning, and more.   As [...]

Don’t Avoid The Money Conversation

Some Type of Review Process is Essential Despite the recent spate of articles about companies ditching them, most managers we work with are about to enter or have entered the annual round of performance reviews. Whilst it may sound a good idea to get rid of the annual review and replace it with a [...]

Trust: Successful Teamwork’s Secret

Managing a business is all about great team work. It’s the relationships that help people achieve individually, as well as the wider organisation. How can you get along successfully with others and create a winning team? Trust is the most important element to building relationships in the [...]

3 Mistakes Inexperienced Managers Commonly Make

Management can be tricky, particularly for managers with little experience. However, when stepping into a management role, mistakes are inevitable. Rather than letting these overwhelm you, consider them opportunities to learn, develop and grow. Each manager will have their own unique style, but [...]

Why we need to learn to be more adaptive

As the world gets more fragmented, specialised and complicated… and changes at speed, there will be a premium on adaptability, agility and resourcefulness (Cilla Snowball, Group Chairman BBDOAMV). So how do we learn to be more adaptive in a fast changing world? I have heard the comment my [...]

Workplace Enjoyment

A lesson from Pink Floyd I saw a statistic today from Gallup that only 8% of people experience overall wellbeing, because of their work – that’s pretty sad. The line "hanging on in quiet desperation" came to mind and I looked up the lyrics from that seminal album, Dark Side of the Moon. [...]

New Managers – Top tips for Success

New - and not so new - Managers: 12 top tips for Success I got asked today what advice I’d give a newly promoted manager, just stepping into their first proper management role, with a team of 5 people reporting into them. It took me back to my first management role, looking after 6 people, 2 [...]

Creating Resilience

Connected + Secure + Valued = Resilient What has this equation got to do with you? Take a look in your wallet, purse or bag and you will see that the equation has a lot to do with you.  What can you find in there to symbolise that you are connected, secure or valued? Maybe it is your [...]

Jumping To Conclusions – When Unconscious Biases Get In The Way

Last week I was reading an old article that I found on the Harvard Business Review’s website called “How (Un)ethical Are You” by Dr Banaji and her peers. The article suggests that all of us are innately governed by our biases and our skewed perceptions of the world, and even if we strive [...]

Micromanagement: Know When to Hold Em’ and When to Fold Em’

There are some aspects to an organisation that shouldn't be managed too closely. To do so, undermines the intelligence and capabilities of your staff. An important part of executive development and management development, is knowing when to step in, and when to mind your p's and q's.  For the [...]