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Do the learners in your organisation need an different approach?

Research by Deloittes has shown a clear picture of the modern learner. They are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Traditional stand alone classroom training is failing both you and the learners. It can be costly, have only short lived impact, it is event based and therefore inflexible and [...]

Why learning is important to our success

I loved this interview with Dr Astro Teller (real name) in the Sydney Morning Herald. Dr Teller's job title is Director of Moonshots at GoogleX. Moonshots are Googles big projects, outside the scope of business as usual. The mantra being x10 improvements on what's currently out there. The [...]

Wentworth People answer some questions about Leader Led Learning

The best learning sessions tend to be driven by great conversations between people who are engaged with a topic. This is why Leader Led Learning, where your managers run the sessions, can be a valuable addition to your learning and development strategy. But can line managers really run good [...]

How Leader Led Learning Creates A Teaching Organisation

Almost all organisations now recognise the importance of training & development in creating success and high performance. The time allocated to training has increased, along with budgets. The solution adopted by all but the biggest companies is to buy in experts to run workshops. These are [...]

Get Business Improvement Happening by Using Leader Led learning

Learning in organisations is rapidly evolving. This is a reflection and a result of global developments - not just in business - but in the broader community. At the forefront of these are: Advances in technology, The increasing role of organisations as developers of human potential [...]

Why Does Leader Led Learning Work

Leader Led Learning is the solution to traditional training problems Leader Led Learning is where your line managers run regular training sessions with their teams or each other, using content written by Wentworth People Sydney. The actual content is selected by you to allow the groups to work on [...]

The Problems with Traditional Training

There are many issues with the traditional model of training. Firstly, whilst the sessions do have an impact, too often the results are short lived. Secondly budgets often don’t allow for ongoing sessions. If we think about almost any skill or ability, it is built over time with learning [...]