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How we can do a better job of creating learning cultures?

The very word ‘training’ has always suggested something that is done to you. However, Richard Wentworth Ping, CEO and owner of Wentworth People, firmly believes that creating a learning culture is becoming easier, what with the advent of technology, socialised learning, and more.   As [...]

Wentworth People answer some questions about Leader Led Learning

The best learning sessions tend to be driven by great conversations between people who are engaged with a topic. This is why Leader Led Learning, where your managers run the sessions, can be a valuable addition to your learning and development strategy. But can line managers really run good [...]

Performance Reviews and our issue with money

Great expectations Many managers are now entering the annual performance review process. You might follow a formal approach or you may enlist a more ongoing, organic feedback style, but often both parties enter these review meetings with trepidation: uncertain how it will play out and often [...]

That Manager you loved to work for

Stop for a moment and think back over your working life.  There will be one manager you had that shaped your thinking and your working life more than any other.  The one you really loved working for.  When I asked my friends and colleagues what is was about working for that person that was so [...]

How do you Measure Happiness?

Did you see last month’s issue of The Harvard Business Review? If you did you would have noticed the focus on happiness in the workplace. It’s interesting that over the past couple of decades psychologists, scientists and (more recently) economists have periodically conducted research on the [...]

Value is all a Matter of Perspective

I was bought a gift of a V8 super car driving experience. $300 for 6 laps at Eastern Creek, plus all the briefing, suiting up and obligatory photo opportunity. The actual drive lasted 8 minutes (give or take), not because I was that good. That’s what it takes in a V8. Is that good value? [...]