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How we can do a better job of creating learning cultures?

The very word ‘training’ has always suggested something that is done to you. However, Richard Wentworth Ping, CEO and owner of Wentworth People, firmly believes that creating a learning culture is becoming easier, what with the advent of technology, socialised learning, and more.   As [...]

Doing does it – the habit of acting

A senior sales director asked this week “How do you overcome fear of rejection?” This was in the context of a discussion around closing techniques for sales people. Going in to the final stretch of the year, sales opportunities needed to be closed. But the question of rejection goes way [...]

7 Signs You Need to Give More Tough Love

Probably more than anything over the last few weeks, this issue of how to show "tough love" has been ever present. More and more managers are struggling with poor performance but shying away from tough conversations. The reasons are many: upsetting someone, who if they left would set you back; [...]

Why Work With Wentworth People to Change Workplace Cultures

Wentworth People are Experienced in Culture Change Management Wentworth has helped clients design and implement culture change programs for many years. Change can be driven by restructure, new IT systems or simply a desire to be better and improve staff engagement. Multi-skilled Culture Change [...]

How Do You Manage Culture Change Effectively

Culture change cannot be done to people, they need to be part of the process. That means involving line managers and staff. That’s because culture change happens from within, with local buy-in from the leadership through to team level. What Are Some Important Culture Change Elements to get [...]

Why is Culture Change Management Important

Culture Change in all organisations is disruptive to one degree or another. When left unchecked and without support, culture change can negatively impact performance and morale, as uncertainty will permeate and breed discontent. When well-managed, culture change will minimise performance dip and [...]