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Skills programs and workshops tailored and configured for your organisation

The skills people need to work brilliantly are very similar in every industry sector. Over the last 26 years we have developed a suite of best practice content and continue to update it every year. Yet every business is different, and each individual is unique. So we tailor and configure all of [...]

Do we really understand what coaching is?

A recent interview with Andre Agassi in the latest Harvard Business Review has a beautiful comment on coaching. The interviewer asks him what he thinks sets the best coaches apart. His answer is spot on: "Coaching is not about what you know. It’s what your student learns. And for the student [...]

Coaching – Jessie J Style

Last year I wrote about "The Voice" and “coach” Will.i.am and his technique for coaching the singers on his team. Basically challenging them to do better. That approach helped people give more than they thought possible and no surprise that one of his team won last year. So we’re back [...]

The Reluctant Sales Person

Dan Pink’s recent book ‘To Sell is Human” puts across the notion that the vast majority of people have to sell and do sell as a natural part of their daily lives. He says this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And yet the prevailing attitudes to selling remain [...]

Higher Performance Through Delegation

I wonder what we all do out of sheer habit rather than a deliberate choice? I book my own flights and hotels. It’s something I’ve done for ages. Relatively easy; I’m used to the online systems I use and know the hotels and carriers. It’s also a control thing. If I do it I know it will be [...]

Accelerated Learning

Almost 20 years ago I studied with the then world leader of Accelerated Learning Mr Eric Jensen.  As a conventional L & D consultant, I was fascinated by the revolutionary thinking he brought to the table.   How structure and ritual, coupled with multiple intelligences could dramatically [...]

Mindfulness: Nothing to do with a mind that’s full

This guest blog post is from Sarah Salkild, Co-Program Director, Women In Leadership Mentoring Program at STW Group and Director of People & Culture at The White Agency. We're sure you'll enjoy her insightful blog: Everyone’s talking about mindfulness. Well, the “everyone” that [...]

Hitting the numbers or alignment to values – which do you prioritise?

Julia Gillard’s troubles have increased this week with the demise of Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper, both of whom seem to be under a cloud for less than value driven behaviour. Julia needed the numbers in parliament and therefore might have tried to ignore behaviour that was at odds with her [...]