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The Reluctant Sales Person

Dan Pink’s recent book ‘To Sell is Human” puts across the notion that the vast majority of people have to sell and do sell as a natural part of their daily lives. He says this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And yet the prevailing attitudes to selling remain [...]

Keeping it real – the need for trust in sales conversations

The old adage that people buy from people is, quite simply, a fact. You can trawl through the internet and find countless courses providing a new methodology or system for sales. Call it what you will; solution selling, consultative selling or use a multitude of acronyms. They come up with all [...]

9 Tips for First Sales Meetings

Top tips for the starting process for first sales meetings Plan ahead! This is more than a quick look at the prospect’s website. Think ahead: questions to ask, areas to explore, objections they might raise. Find out about personality, preferences and temperament. Make friends with the [...]

Sharpening up the Focus – why it is important to enjoy your working life.

My best friend just got diagnosed with Melanoma. Tumultuous!  What an emotional roller coaster.  Kubler Ross' 5 stages of grief kicked in huge denial – they must have made a mistake, followed by anger – lashing out at anything that moves (drivers beware!), into bargaining now – if we get [...]