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When do you need to invest in a team?

Teams that work together efficiently are critical if you want business success and growth. Investing in your teams means increased productivity, lower churn, goals reached, reduced conflict, effective meetings, role clarity, values alignment and consistent behaviour in support of your [...]

Interpreting Derek Silvers Ted talk: How to Start a Movement

This short TED talk is a simple metaphor on leadership and follow ship using a man dancing wildly at an outdoor music festival as the example of someone doing something different and on their own, that then sparks a whole dancing group to participate. As Derek Silvers points out the original [...]

Who wants to be a leader? Apparently not many.

A recent workplace study by Saba indicated that only 31% of millennials want to get a leadership position. That’s a huge number of people who are opting out of a crucial role in running your business in the future. Yet a strong pool of people aspiring for senior leadership roles is going to be [...]

When should you plant a tree?

Almost all of you reading this will have something going on in your businesses to develop leaders. You may be the CEO making the decision to invest in future leaders, or you may be one of those managers going through the process of development. It’s absolutely right to do this: all businesses [...]

3 Essential Traits for Thriving 
In a C-Suite Role

The world is changing for anyone working in a C Suite role and those already in the role or those aspiring to need to develop new sets of skills, knowledge and mind-set in order to succeed and help their organisation succeed. And while aspiring talent can expect their organisation will provide [...]

The Wentworth People Sydney Adaptive Leadership Program

The Adaptive Leadership program itself is a learning environment. Everything is designed to allow participants to learn rather than be “taught”. This is because leadership is notoriously hard to teach. Having any ‘expert’ talk through leadership theories, leadership competencies and [...]

Does Your Business Need Adaptive Leadership

So how would you assess whether adaptive leadership may be right for your organisation? Here are some qualifying questions: Have you tried to create cultural change but found it hard to make it stick? Have traditional leadership programs not translated into genuinely different [...]

Why do we use the Adaptive Leadership framework when developing leaders

Wentworth People believe that conventional leadership development approaches just do not solve many organisational challenges. Because we live and operate in a VUCA world and that needs a more agile and adaptive set of thinking from leaders. Because there is often too much learning from [...]