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Local Leadership Academy: Pharmaceutical Singapore

The Challenge

    The client was part of a global business, with the Singapore site starting to drive great business results. This is a manufacturing site with some 550 people, many working shift work. A leadership program was developed globally and rolled out using fly in/fly out facilitators. The problem was these programs were once a year events with only a few people able to attend. They were also not tailored to local culture or conditions. The client wanted to shift the culture of the site to place more of an emphasis on people and specifically leadership.

The Solution

    The solution was to design a program that was tailored to the local Singapore site and that every leader would be part of. The leadership team has had the most development, despite them being the most experienced. The level two leaders, some 90 of them have all been enrolled on the program in groups of 15. Each group was allocated 2 sponsors from the senior team, whose role it is to mentor and coach the group.
    We have introduced a group coaching process called “Mastermind”, where groups of 5 leaders get together every month to help each other with immediate issues or challenges. These are self-managed and self-sustaining.
    A leader led learning process has also been introduced, with each level 2 leader running sessions with their teams on a specific topic that is important to the site. The first of these topics was a focus on safety and how local teams could drive the culture of safety, instead of relying on the in-house safety team.
    All leaders have also taken part in a 360 feedback process, with each level of leader debriefing the level below. This process will be run each year as a way of measuring progress.


    This initiative is seen as a 3 year process and it is currently finishing its first year. This is an initiative that the rest of the global business is starting to look at. Engagement in the program is excellent. Managers who previously were just senior scientists and technicians, now understand their role in leading and managing. There has been a shift in behaviour and attitude. All other key metrics – profit, production, QA, safety – are all maintaining high levels. People has become the 5th metric.

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