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High Performer / High Potential Program: Global Media Agency APAC Region

The Challenge

    Globally, the agency had identified a group of high performing managers, who also had the aspiration and potential to go on and become agency leaders in more senior roles. They knew that investing in their high potential/performing talent was going to be vital both as a retention strategy and as an attraction strategy.
    The agency had developed a global Leadership Excellence Framework for all leaders in the business and wanted to invest in their growth with the company; empowering them to lead themselves, their teams and their business more successfully.
    They needed to find a partner who could develop a challenging, inspiring leadership program that enabled participants to think beyond their immediate area of responsibility and authority. The program needed to go beyond conventional classroom learning and incorporate collaborative work using technology, projects that made a positive impact on the business and aligned to the broad strategy and mission of the business.

The Solution

    Design of a bespoke program aligned to the leadership framework and vision and values. Delivery elements included a series formal workshops over a 2 year period, use of a collaborative technology (Jive) to allow participants to create and share content, work on projects together and learn together virtually. It also included individual coaching, mentoring from senior leaders in the business, external speakers, a monthly case study.


  • Increased retention of participants. So reduced churn in a group of people that were being targeted by other agencies.
  • High percentage of participants got promoted into more senior roles. The program therefore fulfilled the brief of building leaders, rather than buying in leaders.
  • Program projects created improvements in pitch processes, recruitment and onboarding strategy and implementation and broader talent management strategy.

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