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Good to Great: Advertising Australia

The Challenge

    By any yardstick this was a successful agency. A strong roster of clients. Good engagement scores. Profitable. But the vision was to move from good to great. To get better not just bigger. That meant the agency needed to change and evolve, with a specific focus on strengthening leadership and management capability at all levels of the business.
    The brief given to Wentworth was to design a program that was customised for the agency, practical, challenging, worked at multiple levels and created genuine, sustainable and measureable results. The agency wanted to move toward a state where all leaders and managers displayed behaviours that actively valued people by supporting both the high performers and those that needed a helping hand.

The Solution

    Our approach has been a combination of consultancy, leadership development, executive coaching and organisation development to achieve the required change.
    The initial consultancy involved some diagnosis work and from that developing a strategic plan for leadership development, the first element of which was a 2-day off-site, for the full executive team. 4 years on this off-site is seen as pivotal in changing the mind-set of the leadership team. It was a moment in time when the right people got “on board the bus”. Thinking changed. Behaviour changed.
    Wentworth supported this internally driven activity with coaching for key executives, further development around leadership and management, consultation around a broad learning and development plan for the agency and facilitation at further offsites in subsequent years.

A key part of the plan was to focus on the Executive team and provide a development program to enable them to work really effectively as a decision making leadership team. For the organisation to shift, there was a need to increase the quality of interactions and teamwork in the leadership team.


    The agency has had its best years ever. It has retained all major clients and won new business and is more profitable, with a highly stable executive team. Engagement scores are high, culture is vibrant and the agency attracts and retains talent well above industry averages.

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