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Our Work

What can you expect when you first meet with Wentworth and engage us to work with your people?

  • A deeper level of questioning and curiousity around your current situation and needs. All of the team have worked client side and bought training, facilitation, coaching and all remarked that there is a real difference in the quality of conversation we have before we even move to a proposal.
  • A willingness to engage in dialogue about the brief and, if necessary, challenge thinking. We like it when a client says “I need to give this more thought, don’t I?”.
  • A genuine level of customisation and design effort to fit culture and program needs. This is less about inventing new models and content and more about shaping curriculum and content, adapting language, role plays and case studies.
  • Much more than running a great learning event. There are plenty of people who can do that. We feel it’s the effort around the event that makes the difference and the value add that it provides you and your people. We have never kept time sheets (shock) and don’t intend to. We don’t want a meter running philosophy all the time.
  • A willingness to collaborate and work flexibly. That means we will often work with other partners you may have in our space, collaborate on content and be flexible on how we run programs and projects, always knowing when and where to draw the line. Flexibility doesn’t mean we stand for nothing.


Wentworth case studies

FMCG Sales Program: Australia Good to Great: Advertising Australia High Performer High Potential program


Leader Led Learning: Professional Information Provider High Performance Culture Local Leadership Academy


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