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Our Values

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What should you look for in a learning and development partner?

As long as the fundamental elements of a great track record, a strong team and best practice content is in place, we believe it comes down to the chemistry and fit between your company and ours. It’s not simply a matter of “sameness”, in fact as in any good relationship we often need someone who thinks a little differently to spur us on. What’s crucial though, is an alignment of values and shared thinking on how the relationship should play out as the work is completed. This makes for a healthy partnership with no unexpected surprises.

These guiding principles will give you an idea of what you can expect in a working relationship with Wentworth.



Pay it Forward

Our mindset is about generosity: with our time, our knowledge, help and support. We turn up with an attitude of “How can we be of service?”. We believe in giving, simply because it’s a better way to do business.

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Move Mountains

Almost all our work with you will involve change. Changing culture, changing thinking and behaviour. We’ve got a ‘can do’ attitude to the work we undertake. Everything we do has the intent of making a positive impact. If you shoot for the stars, you may just get the moon and that means ambition, the courage to challenge your thinking and moving mountains.

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Better Ourselves, Better Everyone

Ultimately we’re in the business of improvement; creating better. And that starts with us and flows to you and your people. We aim to be the best we can be and that means continually growing our skills, our knowledge and our insight.

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Explore New Territory

A healthy level of adaptation is the key to success, so we have curious minds and a willingness to pursue new directions that will pay big dividends for our clients. We’ll ask “why not?” and experiment with different approaches, new content, new technology, all with the intent of getting a better result.


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