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Are you looking to create a high performance workplace, where people enjoy and deliver their best work?

Perhaps you are grappling with the human side of culture change and getting people to adapt and thrive. Are you wanting to build leadership and management capability, or looking for more sustainable, collaborative and effective learning, training and development solutions?

Wentworth People is a business partner that can help your organisation and people grow and evolve. Based in Australia and Singapore, we have been helping clients succeed since 1989.

Skills Workshops

The skills people need to work
brilliantly are very similar in
every is different, each individual is unique. That's why we...

Leadership Development

Developing leadership capability is central to our work. Strong
leadership leads to great
cultures, where people…

Culture and Change

Your organisation is almost
certainly facing some level of
change or transformation. The
need for change is…

Leader Led Learning

Whilst we are a firm believer in
the power and effectiveness of
formal training, it cannot and
should not stand alone…

Friday 16th February,2018

Feedback & Self Reflection Creates the Opportunity to Change for The Better

Reading the Sydney Morning Herald last weekend there was a great interview and p...

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Thursday 15th February,2018

Shaving as a Metaphor for Change and Mindset

I’ve evolved my shaving process very little over the last 30 years. I’ve tri...

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Wednesday 20th September,2017

When do you need to invest in a team?

Teams that work together efficiently are critical if you want business success a...

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