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Ruth Harris

How Long with Wentworth? It’s been 15 months since joining the team and focusing on a role I am absolutely passionate about.

Background: Working in the International Advertising industry for the past 20 years, heading up multi-national clients business, leading and creating high performance teams. working in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Apart from the present, what job role did you most enjoy and why? Working in an advertising agency in the UK that encouraged an atmosphere of bonding and togetherness that had an impact on how we worked as a team, the entire agency team, breaking down any potential silo’s, which led to some of the most creative and ground breaking work being done in the industry at that time…. great memories! The in house bar and free breakfasts helped!

Facilitation Style: Fun, passionate, motivating and inclusive.

Main areas of expertise: Training and coaching around leadership, teamwork, client management, communications, presentation and negotiating skills.

Passionate about: The practical applications of engagement / enjoyment and consciousness in life and business. I get to experience people achieving so much more than they ever thought possible… that’s true fulfilment !

Most enjoyable work project in the last 12 months and why? I have been working in a new business role as well as facilitating and coaching in the past year and have had the wonderful opportunity to meet with many people from varying organisations and industries. It has been fascinating to learn about the different challenges in both business and people development and to then create relevant, bespoke programmes that bring about new ways of thinking to these everyday challenges.

Why are they hanging out with Wentworth? We understand clients business and partner with them to create relevant solutions. We are also not there for the short term, we are committed to delivering workshops that achieve actionable results. Measurement is a key element to every task.