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Michael Hines

Working with Wentworth since: November 2013.

Background and experience: Clinical and Coaching Psychology; Applied Positive Psychology in Organisations (consulting, program development and delivery); Facilitation. Prior to transitioning to a career as a Psychologist I worked for 10 years in business development, marketing and communications (including online).

Facilitation style: Authentic, engaging, knowledgeable, evidence-based, relaxed and inclusive.

Main areas of expertise: Mindfulness; resilience; applied positive psychology; psychological flexibility and meaning / purpose.

Passionate about: The now well-documented links between well-being, performance and business outcomes; helping people lead a more fulfilling and enjoyable working life; giving people the skills/tools to better manage the demands and pressures of our busy modern lives.

Most enjoyable work project and why: A coaching engagement during the first half of last year. It was an individual who the company had identified as having enormous talent but their confidence was proving a stumbling block. We worked through some of the more psychological barriers to high performance and enabled her to get out of her head and into the present moment. By being more present and not buying into the inner critic the client was able to move forward and upward in her career.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts; Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Psychology); Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology and Registered Psychologist (AHPRA).