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Andrew Pepar

How long with Wentworth? Going into my 2nd year now…great consultancy to work with so I’m not going anywhere.

Background: Management Consulting, Client and General Management, L&D and HR in technology, government, financial and not for profit sector.

Apart from the present, what job role did you most enjoy and why? Client Director at Primed Consulting. We used all sorts of different creative mediums to help people change and learn. I worked with a range of people from different creative and corporate backgrounds, most with a wicked sense of humour.

Facilitation style: his delivery and coaching style engages, personalizes and demystifies. People then feel confident, compelled and supported to make significant choices and changes.

Main areas of expertise: leadership and management development; cultural assessment and culture change; coaching and feedback skills.

Passionate about: people being brave, passionate and themselves. Helping them adapt to their circumstances and roles in life.

Most enjoyable work project in the last 12 months and why? I ran a critical conversations program over 6 months for a leading Australian agency. The reason I loved it; purely and simply because the client got an outcome ; every single person in the program changed the way they treated those around them and the company had a significant shift in culture as a result.

Why are they hanging out with Wentworth? Awesome clients where I can make a difference to their culture and leaders.