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Accelerated Learning

Almost 20 years ago I studied with the then world leader of Accelerated Learning Mr Eric Jensen.  As a conventional L & D consultant, I was fascinated by the revolutionary thinking he brought to the table.   How structure and ritual, coupled with multiple intelligences could dramatically [...]

Virtual Revolution

A colleague of mine just sent me a link to an interview on CBS News’ Sixty Minutes program of Zhang Xin, Chinese billionaire property developer. She went on national TV in the US and forecast that her country would have democracy in less than twenty years. You might wonder whether the bold and [...]

Leadership makes or breaks toxic cultures

Steve Jobs once said: “A fish rots from the head down”. The profoundness of this statement would not have been lost on Greg Smith, who at the time was probably slogging through his second year of trading in the Lower Manhattan offices of Goldman Sachs. From what he writes in his book ‘Why [...]

Life in the Palace

I have always been fascinated by how brand marketers deliver on their brand promise. Most days my brand experiences leave me with little more than a sense of vague satisfaction but little else. I must be a magnet for disasters as too often I have a notable ‘bad experience’ that serves as [...]

More money than sense

Anyone who has worked on, in or for a Telco, will tell you that they are amongst the most financially rewarding companies to work for, but amongst the hardest to manage. This can easily translate to low morale for any individual and often cost some their soul. One senior company executive [...]

Trust your instinct

Why don't we trust our instinct more often (or 'rapid cognition' as Malcolm Gladwell refers to it in his bestseller Blink)? In our personal and working lives we are often confronted with moments of 'knowing' - yet how often do we act on / follow through on these realisations, only to be left [...]

Mind control – Unleash Your Creativity

Someone I recently met on a creative thinking course told me that they used to be super-creative person, but have lost much of that through the years. That got me thinking. Why is it that we start life with our minds and hearts overflowing with crazy notions and wild ideas, only to see our creative [...]

“Googlise” your Management Team?

This year I have spent a meaningful amount of time pondering how senior management teams can create the mechanisms to focus their collective capabilities on their own business (rather than their clients’). The themes have included the “science” of innovation, the supporting cultures and [...]