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7 Signs You Need to Give More Tough Love

Probably more than anything over the last few weeks, this issue of how to show "tough love" has been ever present. More and more managers are struggling with poor performance but shying away from tough conversations. The reasons are many: upsetting someone, who if they left would set you back; [...]

Don’t Spell it Out

Why NOT providing the answers can pay great dividends . . . Films are classic storytelling and it's well know that the 7 basic plot lines (hero’s journey; fall and redemption; slaying the monster) are played out time and time again. However not all films fall into those neat compartments. Some [...]

Top Tips for Active Listening

There are mutual benefits to listening - fully "Thank you for listening" is one of the sweetest compliments you can hear. "I just need someone to listen" is one of the deepest expressions of humanity. When were you last fully listened to? Remember how good it felt? Did that person try to fix [...]

The Reluctant Sales Person

Dan Pink’s recent book ‘To Sell is Human” puts across the notion that the vast majority of people have to sell and do sell as a natural part of their daily lives. He says this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And yet the prevailing attitudes to selling remain [...]

Values are at the heart of conflict

Conflict is a normal or at least inevitable part of human interaction. Fundamentally conflict and its resolution comes down to values. Your ability to accurately articulate your values, what is truly important to you and for you to respect and listen to another’s values is what will resolve a [...]

I’m free to do what I want, any old time …

Well, wouldn’t this be nice?! And of course, in this day and age when we are usually always answerable to a boss or supplier or client or stakeholder, our time is less and less our own. But the simple truth is that if we all stopped to think about our busy, chaotic lives, there are [...]

Workplace Competition

Competition in the workplace is a good thing. Right? We can see it in all sorts of places. Professional sports teams are a good example. The team coach employs at least twice as many players as they need to take the field on match day. There is a deliberate duplication of ability and skill for the [...]

Customer Revulsion

I must be a telemarketer’s worst nightmare. I’m not sure just who appreciates getting unsolicited sales calls, but I for one can’t abide by the cold calls that invade my home. Now I don’t know how bad it is where you live and whether you have fallen foul of the telemarketing money pit, [...]

The Meaning of Life – Mark II

Mark II I went to a funeral once.  It was beautiful.  I was moved by just how much emotion people were able to muster when describing their gratitude to the one they had lost.  It fascinated me that under times of extreme duress and turmoil we are indeed able to be “emotionally [...]