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The Reluctant Sales Person

Dan Pink’s recent book ‘To Sell is Human” puts across the notion that the vast majority of people have to sell and do sell as a natural part of their daily lives. He says this is a good thing and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. And yet the prevailing attitudes to selling remain [...]

Keeping it real – the need for trust in sales conversations

The old adage that people buy from people is, quite simply, a fact. You can trawl through the internet and find countless courses providing a new methodology or system for sales. Call it what you will; solution selling, consultative selling or use a multitude of acronyms. They come up with all [...]

9 Tips for First Sales Meetings

Top tips for the starting process for first sales meetings Plan ahead! This is more than a quick look at the prospect’s website. Think ahead: questions to ask, areas to explore, objections they might raise. Find out about personality, preferences and temperament. Make friends with the [...]

Sharpening up the Focus – why it is important to enjoy your working life.

My best friend just got diagnosed with Melanoma. Tumultuous!  What an emotional roller coaster.  Kubler Ross' 5 stages of grief kicked in huge denial – they must have made a mistake, followed by anger – lashing out at anything that moves (drivers beware!), into bargaining now – if we get [...]

Customer Revulsion

I must be a telemarketer’s worst nightmare. I’m not sure just who appreciates getting unsolicited sales calls, but I for one can’t abide by the cold calls that invade my home. Now I don’t know how bad it is where you live and whether you have fallen foul of the telemarketing money pit, [...]

Firing Up Your Sales Team – Don’t Just Throw Money at the Problem

Getting sales people motivated. Surely it’s a matter of money? After all the assumption is that most sales people get into the selling game because it pays well in comparison to many careers (well at least most non professional careers). And yet the evidence coming from valid research and [...]