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Do the learners in your organisation need an different approach?

Research by Deloittes has shown a clear picture of the modern learner. They are overwhelmed, distracted and impatient. Traditional stand alone classroom training is failing both you and the learners. It can be costly, have only short lived impact, it is event based and therefore inflexible and [...]

Leadership Development and Coaching Workshops

Developing leadership capability is central to our work. Strong leadership leads to great cultures, where people enjoy their work. Leadership sets the direction for the business, drives change, makes your values come alive and inspires others to do their best.   Each program is tailored [...]

Skills programs and workshops tailored and configured for your organisation

The skills people need to work brilliantly are very similar in every industry sector. Over the last 26 years we have developed a suite of best practice content and continue to update it every year. Yet every business is different, and each individual is unique. So we tailor and configure all of [...]

Interpreting Derek Silvers Ted talk: How to Start a Movement

This short TED talk is a simple metaphor on leadership and follow ship using a man dancing wildly at an outdoor music festival as the example of someone doing something different and on their own, that then sparks a whole dancing group to participate. As Derek Silvers points out the original [...]

Don’t Avoid The Money Conversation

Some Type of Review Process is Essential Despite the recent spate of articles about companies ditching them, most managers we work with are about to enter or have entered the annual round of performance reviews. Whilst it may sound a good idea to get rid of the annual review and replace it with a [...]

Are you engaged at work or enjoying your work?

The idea that performance drives engagement, rather than the other way round, is perhaps indicative of an industry and a mindset that is missing the point. The term “engagement” seems like a business / HR construct to describe something quite difficult to pin down. What we actually say when we [...]

Doing does it – the habit of acting

A senior sales director asked this week “How do you overcome fear of rejection?” This was in the context of a discussion around closing techniques for sales people. Going in to the final stretch of the year, sales opportunities needed to be closed. But the question of rejection goes way [...]

Who wants to be a leader? Apparently not many.

A recent workplace study by Saba indicated that only 31% of millennials want to get a leadership position. That’s a huge number of people who are opting out of a crucial role in running your business in the future. Yet a strong pool of people aspiring for senior leadership roles is going to be [...]

Habits that hold us back

I wonder what we all do out of sheer habit rather than a deliberate choice? I book my own flights and hotels. It’s something I’ve done for ages. Relatively easy; I’m used to the online systems I use and know the hotels and carriers. It’s also a control thing. If I do it I know it will be [...]

Why learning is important to our success

I loved this interview with Dr Astro Teller (real name) in the Sydney Morning Herald. Dr Teller's job title is Director of Moonshots at GoogleX. Moonshots are Googles big projects, outside the scope of business as usual. The mantra being x10 improvements on what's currently out there. The [...]